Abyat e Bahoo

abyat e bahoo

Abyat e Bahoo

What are Abyat e Bahoo?

The Punjabi poetry of Sultan Bahoo is generally referred as Abyat e Bahoo.  There are total 201.

Abyat e Bahoo and Kalam e Bahoo

They are also famous as Kalam e Bahoo. It literal meaning is ‘poetry of Sultan Bahoo’.

Heart Touching Poetry

Undoubtedly, these are so attractive. They are full of spirituality. When one starts reading them, he cannot stop himself. It is quite interesting to mention that even if one does not  understand the meaning of Kalam e Bahoo. Moreover, it is something related to experience, therefore you are invited to read and feel that peace. For reading it click the link below. Here you can read online as well as download free of cost.

Click here

Audio of Abyat e Bahoo

For our visitors and seekers of Allah, Tehreek Dawat e Faqr has put a great effort to record the abyat e bahoo and uploaded on websites. Here not only can you listen free of cost but you may download kalam e bahoo and that too free of cost.

Videos of Abyat e Bahoo

In addition to audios, Tehreek Dawat Faqr has also managed in an immaculate manner to record the videos of all abyat e bahoo. In addition, these videos of kalam e bahoo are available for everyone who is desirous to walk the path of his inward. For this purpose a complete department named Sultan ul Faqr Digital production has been established. It is its foremost duty to make such videos which are full of teachings of Sufism.

Teachings of Kalam e Bahoo

Although Sultan Bahoo did not get any traditional education from schools and colleges, even then there are more than 140 sultan bahoo books. All of his books are in Persian language but Abyat e Bahoo is in Punjabi language.

It is quite interesting to know that he has enclosed all of his teachings in it. Therefore, it is full of Sufism, Spirituality or teachings of Faqr. He has covered all topics in very comprehensively.

Research by Sultan ul Ashiqeen

Sultan ul Ashiqeen took revolutionary steps as far as Abyat e Bahoo is concerned. He is the first one who has not only compiled all of them in a book after a comprehensive research but he has favored seekers of Allah by explaining every line of it. In addition, he wrote difficult meanings of every one of them.


It has not only earned popularity in sub-continent but also at international level. Those seekers of Allah who want to travel the path of Allah, it is compulsory for him to read this book. Click here. It is fact that those seekers who read them with pure inward and seek perfect Murshid, by virtue of his poetry he himself guides them to perfect spiritual guide of the era.

Present Imam of Sarwari Qadri Order

Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman is present Imam of Sarwari Qadri order. He 31st perfect spiritual guide who is perfect manifestation of Sultan Bahoo.