History of Sultan Bahoo

According to history of Sultan Bahoo he was born on Thursday, the 1st of Jamadi-us-Sani in 1039 H (17 January, 1630 A.D) at dawn, in the reign of mughal emperor Shah Jahan in Shorkot, District Jhang, Pakistan (then India). He belonged to the “Awan” tribe of the progeny of Hazrat Ali Bin Abu Talib. Awans are Hazrat Ali’s children from wives other than Hazrat Fatima Razi Allah Anha. Sultan Bahoo’s father Bazayd Mohammad was a soldier by profession and a titleholder in Shah Jahan’s army. His mother, Bibi Rasti was a Saintly woman. She was spiritually informed of Sultan Bahoo’s grandeur and spiritual status before his birth and according to his status of Fana-Fi-Hoo (annihilation in Hoo) his name Bahoo (One with Hoo) was revealed to her.

History of Sultan Bahoo -Teachings

Sultan Bahoo has not used the conventional terms of sufism or mysticism for his teachings, rather he calls them ‘Faqr’. Faqr is the spiritual way which leads to the Divine knowledge and vision of Allah. In all his books, he lays emphasis on acquiring Faqr under the guidance of a Sarwari Qadri spiritual guide. He declares the invocation and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat the key to ultimate sanctity and purgation of soul after which the soul is blessed with the vision of Allah and presence in the Mohammadan Assembly, which are the most elevated spiritual stations.

As per History of Sultan Bahoo , He was Saint by Birth

It is agreed upon by all biographers that he was a Saint by birth. The name of Sultan Bahoo itself is a proof that he was a Saint. His mother named him “Bahoo” meaning “The one who remains with Hoo”. Hoo is the Essence of Allah.

Death – History of Sultan Bahoo

On the 1stof Jamadi-us-Sani in 1102 H (1st March, 1691 A.D) he left this mortal world and died.

 Beneficence from Sultan Bahoo Darbar

Sultan Bahoo says:

Meaning: Bahoo’s body is in the grave but soul is in LaHoot, the world of Divinity. His heart is ever doing the zikr of Allah, so his body is also safe from decaying and other dangers of grave.

Meaning: Even if his grave remains unnoticed and anonymous he does not care because he has taken his whole existence to the Lamakan i.e. the station beyond all stations.

Meaning: The voice of zikr of Ya-Hoo raises from the grave of Bahoo as the Arifs are eternally engrossed in the zikr of Ya-Hoo. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

Sunna of Prophet Mohammad

Just like Prophet Mohammad, Sultan Bahoo died at the age of sixty-three years. Moreover, his date of birth and death is same as that of Holy Prophet.