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Divine Vision (Deedar e Elahi)

This article is about Divine Vision.

Divine Vision

Sultan Bahoo says in Ain ul Faqr:

Allah is always with you but you are blind to His Divine vision and depraved from His path. Allah says:

Meaning: And whoever is blind (to the vision of Allah) in this (world) will remain blind in the hereafter as well. (Bani-Israil-72)

Most of the people get knowledge just for worldly gain or to earn their income and elevate their material levels. Allah says:

Meaning: Have We not broadened your chest for you (to gain the marifat and knowledge of Allah). And We have taken off the burden from you. (A-Lam Nashrah-1,2)

Impure Inwards are deprived of Divine Vision

The real knowledge of Allah is present in the pure inward, not in the heart which is malicious and vain. Listen O’ knower of the Truth! Be with Allah always and erase everything other than Allah from the tablet of your inward such that there remains nothing but Allah in you.

Levels of Perfect Fakir

Sultan Bahoo says:

While sleeping I am drowned in the Oneness of my Divine Beloved and while awakening I am vigilantly with Him. Those who are perfectly unified with Allah are blessed with His vision while sleeping as well as awakening.

True Man

Who is a true man? The one who desires nothing but the vision of Allah, neither he wants the pleasures and adornments of the world nor the houries, castles and charms of the paradise. The men of Divine vision have been absorbed in the ecstasy of Ism-e-Allah Zaat since eternity, for them everything other than Allah is hideous.

Lovers Seek Divine Vision

Meaning: Everything is carrion except the vision of Allah, that is why true lovers seek only the vision of Allah.

Reason of inability to have Divine Vision

Haq Bahoo says:

Meaning: There is not any wall between Allah and His slave but the people having dead inward are not capable to have His vision. (Kaleed ul Tauheed Kalan)

Meaning: O’ Allah! Bless me with the pleasure of Deedar e Elahi by granting me the privilege of beholding you, as my heart finds no attraction in any other pleasure.

Meaning: One who is deprived of the pleasure of Divine vision and Oneness with Allah, curse on his useless life. (Ameer ul Kaunain)

Knowledge of Divine Vision

The knowledge of The Divine Vision takes you to the level where you become desirable in the Sight of Allah and keeps you under His Compassion. (Kashf ul Asrar)