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haq bahoo

Haq Bahoo

Sultan Bahoo or Haq Bahoo

Sultan Bahoo is also remembered as Haq Bahoo.

Names of Sultan Bahoo Parents

This article is about about Sultan Bahoo parents. As far as Sultan Bahoo parents are concerned, the name of his father was Bazayd Mohammad (ra). His mother name was Bibi Rasti (ra).


Father of Haq Bahoo was a soldier by profession. He was an accomplished Saint. He left army quietly and went to home. He married Bibi Rasti because of her piety. Later on, he shifted to Multan to spent time in remembrance of Allah. When he reached Multan, he was arrested by state as he left army without informing anyone. In fact state was already searching.

When he appeared in front of ruler of Multan, the ruler was very impressed by him. The ruler not only allowed him to leave army but instructed to give pension of Rs.2 per month.

Miracle of Haq Bahoo Father

Haq Bahoo father was living in a Multan. During that time war broke out between ruler of Multan and Raja Marwat. He went to the court of ruler and presented himself for this war. Ruler asked him about the Unit he wanted to join. But he refused to join and said that he would perform the duty alone as he had taking pay alone. He was so confident in his argument that no one could deny him. Therefore, he was granted permission to perform the task independently.

Before setting on task, Haq Bahoo father requested for a guide who could take him to the fort of Raja Marwat. Moreover, he asked to show him the portrait of enemy ruler.  Then he went to fort. The guide returned back. Bazayd Mohammad made his mare jumped into fort and directly went the court. He cut the of Raja Marwat and put it in a bag. Everyone there was afraid of such a bold and sudden action. No one could speak.

Land of Twenty Five Thousand Acres

Thus he returned with beheaded head and presented as a gift to ruler of Multan. His reputation immediately reached to Shah Jahan who gave him offer to join back army. But again he refused and told that he would spend rest of like in the way of Allah. Shah Jahan accepted his refusal and granted him land of twenty five thousand acres.

Mother of Haq Bahoo

Haq Bahoo mother was a Saintly woman. Moreover, she was famous for her piety in her family. The mother of Haq Bahoo always remained engrossed in invocation of Allah. Haq Bahoo mother guided Haq Bahoo on every step in the path of Allah. She instructed him to search for a perfect Murshid to walk the path of Faqr.

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