Ilm-e-Dawat | Knowledge of Communication with Soul

Ilm e Dawat – Knowledge of Communication with soul

Real Practitioner of Ilm e Dawat

Sultan Bahoo says about Ilm e Dawat:

The real practitioner of Dawat or communication with soul is the one who recites Ism-e-Allah Zaat from its core by reaching the level of Kun Fayakun. Then, nothing from the past, present and future remains hidden from him.

Treasure of Divine Secrets

The knowledge of communication with soul contains grand treasure of secrets of Allah.

Levels of knowledge of communication with spiritual souls

There are three levels of reciting Ilm e Dawat. Initially it is recited by tongue, and its prerequisites are to gain the required knowledge, always speak the truth and earn lawfully. Secondly, it is recited by the Contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat through the Divine presence which is verified by the heart.

The third level of Ilm e Dawat is to recite it by soul which converts the reciter into Noor. By reciting this Dawat nothing of the skies and earth, world and hereafter remains hidden from the seeker of Allah. The wise practitioner of Ilm e Dawat is the one who gains authority over everything but never lets his innerself indulge in the pleasure of this authority (i.e. never gets proud over this authority nor uses it for his own benefit). (Ameer ul Kaunain)

Ilm e Dawat leads to Mohammadan Assembly

It is not difficult to have the privilege of presence of the Mohammadan Assembly by the power and contemplation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat or through the powerful inward attention of the spiritual guide gained by invocation and meditation or by reciting knowledge of communication with spiritual souls at the shrines of Saints. (Kaleed ul Tauheed Kalan)

Ilm e Dawat – Throne of Solomon

Its the knowledge which grants the sovereign rule over the whole inhabited world and ascends to the throne that is like the throne of Solomon. (Kashf ul Asrar)

Man of Ilm e Dawat

The perfect reciter of knowledge of communication with spiritual souls and the practitioner Fakir is one who has met all the souls from Prophet Adam till the last Prophet Mohammad and the souls who would come after Prophet Mohammad till eternity and has made promises with them. Four inward armies are always with the possessor of such high levels i.e. the inward army of angels, army of martyrs, army of knowers of the hidden and army of the invisible beings. This Faqeer is called the man of Dawat independent of all needs. (Mohkim ul Fuqara)

Who is allowed to recite it?

That perfect practitioner is entitled to recite Ilm e Dawat or knowledge of communication with soul whose existence is pardoned and whose spiritual self has reached the Divine presence and is blessed with closeness and unveiled vision of Allah. He must be a man of effective attention by the Divine favor, man of verified contemplation as well as man of authority, truthfulness and reflection. Truthful is the immortal Mystic who is annihilated in Allah, engrossed in Ism-e-Allah Zaat, inwardly blessed with Divine observation and surrounded in the theophanies of light of Divine Essence. Only such a person is eligible to recite Ilm e Dawat or to have communication with soul at the graves of spiritually alive Saints.