Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo | Sultan Bahoo Miracles

Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo

Sultan Bahoo was a perfect Saint of Sarwari Qadri order. Because of his highest spiritual status there are many Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo.


Before discussing Karamat of Hazrat Sultan it is important to understand that in terms of Shariah, a Karamat is a supernatural power shown by Saints. It is an unusual spiritual power bestowed by Allah upon His sacred men. A ‘Mojza’ is a miracle by a Prophet and ‘Karamat’ is a miracle by a Saint.


If we talk about Karamat, then we can say that are two types which include extrinsic and spiritual or intrinsic.

There are several extrinsic and intrinsic miracles of Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo. Some of them are mentioned below:

Since childhood Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo

Since childhood, he could turn a non-Muslim into a Muslim just by a single glance. This miracle continued throughout his life.

Jujube Tree

It is narrated in history of Sultan Bahoo that there was a jujube tree in front of the door of Sultan Bahoo darbar. The Khalifahs and residents of Shrine of Sultan Bahoo planned to cut it as it was an obstacle for the visitors.

At that night Sultan Bahoo came into dream of one of his Fakir and told him that this tree would move itself. In the morning the tree itself moved away from its location.

Karamat of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo – Fruit of Jujube Tree

There is another Hazrat Sultan Bahoo miracle that people around the world come and take take the fruit of jujube tree with them. They consider this fruit a special blessing for those who do not have children. Therefore, people eat it for having children.

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