karamat of sultan bahoo

Karamat of Sultan Bahoo

Something Beyond Limit & Imagination

Allah bestows his sacred men, prophets and Saints with some special supernatural powers. In terms of sharia, supernatural power of a prophet is called mujiza (معجزہ) and of a Saint is called karamat (miracle). Whereas supernatural powers gained by a non-muslim is merely a satanic deception.

Similarly, number of miracles of a Saint depends upon his level of proximity to Allah. Sultan Bahoo is an eminent Saint of sub-continent. He is the perfect spiritual guide and absolute light of guidance. There is a long list of karamat of Sultan Bahoo. Some of those are as follow:

1. Most Famous Karamat Of Sultan Bahoo – Conversion of Non-Muslim Into Muslim

The most famous karamat of Sultan Bahoo is he could, by the efficacy of his spiritual sight, turn a non-muslim into a Muslim. Moreover, he had this spiritual power since childhood.

2. 140 Books Are Another Karamat of Sultan Bahoo

His books are another famous karamat of sultan Bahoo. Like Prophet Mohammad he could not avail the opportunity to receive formal academic education because he was ever absorbed in the deep ocean of Divine unity, even then he has written 140 books. Moreover, all of his books are in Persian except the collection of his poetry which is in the form of Punjabi quatrains. Sultan Bahoo’s books are masterpieces of the Divine knowledge.

His Books Serve As A Guide

It is also the miracle of Sultan Bahoo’s book that if anyone could not find a spiritual guide, his books will prove to be a medium for him to reach the perfect Sarwari Qadri spiritual guide who will take him to Allah.

Simple And Easy Writing Style

Sultan Bahoo’s writing style is very simple and easy to understand even for a less educated person. Moreover, his writings are so persuasive and influential that they envelop the reader completely. It is another miracle of Sultan Bahoo that if his books are read respectfully after ablution, an ocean of spiritual beneficence pours down to the reader.

3. Spiritual Elevation Merely By The Efficacy of Spiritual Sight

Another most interesting miracle of Sultan Bahoo is, once he along with some Derishes happened to passed from a village Chabri, Dera Ghazi Khan. There lived a woman who served Dervishes with devotion. Therefore, they went to her house.

When the woman was busy in preparing food for them, her little girl woke up and started crying in her crib. The woman requested Sultan Bahoo to swing the crib so that she could prepare food. It was the karamat of Sultan Bahoo that he not only swing the crib of little child but also enlightened her soul with the light of Ism-e-Allah Zaat. It is the also the miracle of Sultan Bahoo that her spiritual status keeps on increasing. Moreover, her shrine is also a source of enlightenment for the Divine seekers.

That girl’s name was Fatimah and she belonged to the Baloch tribe ‘Mastoi’. Her shrine is in Katkar, an area in the village ‘Fateh Khan’ in Wahwa, Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan.

4. Miracle of Sultan Bahoo After Passing Away From This Material World

There was a jujube tree in front of Sultan Bahoo tomb. It was at a place where it became a source of discomfort for the visitors. One day a blind man got injured as his head stuck against the tree. Hence, the khalifas of the shrine decided to cut that tree. At night, Sultan Bahoo told one of his khalifa in dream that do not cut that tree, it will move away itself. So in the morning attendants saw that the tree had moved few steps away from the front of the tomb.

5.   Fruit of Jujube Tree – Miracle of Sultan Bahoo

Moreover, that jujube tree is named as “Hazoori Bair”. Devotees from far off areas take its food as benediction for having children and to recover from illness.

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