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The Perfect Spiritual Guide – Murshid

Murshid meaning

According to Sharia Murshid is the medium between Allah and His slave. Moreover, Murshid takes the slave to Allah. In fact Murshid makes his Mureed successful in the court of Allah.

Status of Murshid

Sultan Bahoo says:

  • What is the initial status of an accomplished Sarwari Qadri Murshid? In fact such a Murshid elevates the seeker spiritually on the very first day, with his one glance and zikr (invocation) of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, to such heights that the seeker is completely drowned in the Divine union and finds presence in the holy assembly of Prophet Mohammad. The Murshid who cannot do this, is not a proper Sarwari Qadri. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed)

Spiritual Attention of Murshid

  • When the perfect Murshid puts his spiritually effective glance upon the heart of a true seeker, the Divine way of Ism-e-Allah Zaat is opened upon him and his heart is excited by doing the zikr of Allah. Thus, by mercy of a Murshid, the fire of Ishq of Allah burns the khannas and khurtum and the inward Divine secret is revealed upon the seeker. The man of Divine absorption does not need to do mystic struggle, for him ecstasy is vigilance and sleep is awakening. This elevated way is the destiny of people of pure heart. The men of knowledge are the men of manners otherwise it is not at all difficult to make thousands of ignorant crazy by just a single glance. Had the inward way without the metaphorical manifestation, spiritual proof, waham, inspiration and the wonder of Divine presence, all the travelers of the spiritual path would have turned infidel.

Explanation of Murshid

  • The Arabic word for peer is transliterated as Murshid and has four letters; (M), (R),(Sh), (D). The first letter (M) of refers to the fact that Murshid gives life to the Murda (dead) soul and carries it to the Mohammadan Assembly and shows the Divinity of “none but Allah” in a single round of meditation. By its second letter (R), it is meant that he Relieves the seeker from austerities and Reveals the Divine secret upon him.

The third letter (Sh) of Murshid means that the peer prevents the seeker from the evil of the inciting innerself (nafs). He saves from Satan and the people, and liberates him from the evil of worldliness. Moreover, he safeguards inward darkness and every other evil which has bound his existence. Then every vein and hair, flesh and bone rather the entire existence of the seeker starts invoking the name of Allah. The invocation of Allah continues automatically in the inward. Moreover it starts in the outward being of the seeker like the flow of river. Thus, his every organ recites (Allahoo, Allahoo) while his lips keep quiet and he remains drowned in Divine company.

The fourth letter (D) of the word Murshid refers to the fact that by the glance of the peer, the Dil i.e. heart and Dum i.e. breath of the seeker drown in the Divine Essence and he reaches the level of annihilation in Allah by affirming the Eternal Essence.

What is the importance of Murshid in Sufi ideology?

Since every subject needs a teacher. If you want to learn anything in this world, you require teacher. One cannot become a Doctor by reading books only. One cannot become Engineer by merely reading books. Likewise to walk the path of Sufism or inward, one need a teacher and that teacher is called Murshid

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