Bayat of Sultan Bahoo

Sultan Bahoo Bayat

Sultan Bahoo swore bayat on the sacred hand of Syed Abdul Rehman Jilani.

Search for Bayat

Before swearing bayat Sultan Bahoo searched for a Murshid almost thirty years. But he could not find any Murshid for according to his status and desire.

Instructions of Bayat from Mother

After experience of spiritual Bayat, Sultan Bahoo went home. Then, he narrated the incident to his mother. His mother told him that now time had come to swear bayat on the hand of perfect spiritual guide of the era. Thus, her mother instructed him to search for such a perfect spiritual guide. Although he told his mother that he might not need a Murshid as his mother was like a Murshid for him. But she told that woman could not become Murshid.

Journey for the Search

Before setting on the journey, he asked his mother from where he would find a perfect Fakir. Her mother told him to search on the whole earth but she also pointed towards east. Then, he set out on a journey to an accomplished Murshid.

Meeting with Shah Habib Ullah Qadri

He was going place to place in search. Once he heard about Shah Habib Ullah Qadri. He went to him for bayat. When he reached his Khanqah, it was full with disciples. He sat aside and kept watching everyone. Shah Habib Ullah Qadri noticed that a person is sitting alone and watching everyone. He asked Sultan Bahoo to put his hand in cauldron to fulfill his desire. He replied that neither this cauldron could not fulfill his desire nor any such thing had impressed him.

Then he instructed him to fill pound of water. One of his disciple gave him leather bag to fill the pound. He filled it with only one bag which surprised everyone.

Afterwards he had many tested him through many trials but he remained successful.

Bayat on the sacred hand of Syed Abdul Rehman Jilani

When Shah Habib Ullah Qadri realized his grand status, he guided him to go to Syed Abdul Rehman Jilani and swore bayat on his hand. Then he set out on a journey to swear bayat. Syed Abdul Rehman Jilani sent a person outside the town to receive Sultan Bahoo. Therefore, that person took him to Syed Abdul Rehman Jilani. Then, he entrusted Divine Trust to Sultan Bahoo.

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