Apparent Oath of Allegiance

Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo reached home after this spiritual benevolence and told his mother about this experience. After hearing this, she said to Sultan Bahoo, “Now you should swear oath of allegiance apparently at the hands of some perfect Murshid”. “But I have already swore allegiance”, he replied, “I have been blessed directly by the Holy Prophet Sall’Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam through Awaisi way. Hazrat Ghaus-ul-Azam has also blessed me with spiritual treasure and allowed me to persuade and guide people”. But his mother told him that it was spiritual allegiance, in the way of Faqr apparent allegiance is necessary and for this, he should find a perfect Murshid. Then he asked, “why should I find a murshid, you are like a Murshid to me”, she said “my son women cannot take allegiance or perform the duty of persuasion, neither Hazrat Fatimah-tuz-Zahra nor Hazrat Rabia Basri did this”. Then Hazrat Sultan Bahoo asked “Where should I find a Murshid?” She replied “find on the whole earth” and pointed towards east. He once again set out to find a murshid. He travelled long distances in search of murshid and met many saints and dervishes but none could fulfill his need.

Then he heard about Shah Habib Allah Qadri Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh who belonged to the progeny of Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Razi Allah Anhu, and lived in Garh Baghdad (Mian Channu, district Khanewal, Punjab Pakistan) a village near river Ravi. Sultan-ul-Arifeen went to Garh Baghdad to meet him. When he entered his Khanqah, he saw that it was full of devotees, faqeers and servants. A cauldron (big pot) filled with water was kept on fire, people came in large number and put their hand in the cauldron to fulfill their wishes. Sultan-ul-Arifeen sat silently at a side and watched everything. After a few moments, Shah Habib Allah Qadri saw him and said “your condition shows that you have travelled a long way to reach here, then why are you sitting silently now? Put your hand in cauldron and let your wishes granted”. The great knower of Faqr replied respectfully “I am not impressed by such toys of miracles and neither my wish can be granted in this way”. Hazrat Shah Habib Allah Qadri looked at him surprisingly and said “no doubt your desire is great but do you know that to achieve great desires one has to go through much hardships”. Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo replied, “Surely I know that, and that is why, I have travelled so long, I am ready to obey all your orders”. Shah Habib Allah Qadri gazed at his sacred face for some time and then said “well! fill the pond first”. A servant came and gave him a water-skin (a leather bag for filling water). He took the water-skin and filled the pond with only one bag. Everyone was surprised. Then Shah Habib Allah Qadri asked him “are you ready for the trial?” He replied positively. Shah Habib Allah questioned, “Do you have any worldly wealth?” He nodded. Shah Habib Allah said “Dervish has no relation with worldly wealth. How can two swords be kept in one sheath? And you are trying to keep two passions in one heart”. Listening this Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh set for his house at once, when he reached home he collected all his money and threw everything away, even the small gold ring in his infant’s finger. Next day, he travelled a long journey back to Garh Baghdad. Shah Habib Allah welcomed him warmly and said “although you have got rid of material wealth but not of women. Whose due you want to pay, Allah’s or your wives’?” As soon as, Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh listened this, he again travelled back home. His mother knew by inspiration the reason behind his son’s coming back but pretending to be ignorant asked him “now what have brought you back home?” he told the reason. His mother Hazrat Bibi Raasti advised him kindly “you must not think about divorcing your wives, I assure you that from now onwards your wives would have no rights upon you, although, they would always respect your rights upon them. If you succeed in achieving the true Divine knowledge, you can come back, otherwise you don’t need to come home just for your family”. Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo accepted this advice of his mother and returned satisfied to Shah Habib Allah. Shah Habib Allah again welcomed him warmly, cast his glance upon him and asked, “O’ Bahoo are you satisfied? Have you had any Divine observation?” he replied respectfully “O’ Shaikh! I am acquainted to such observations since infancy, I desire much more than this”. Shaikh Habib Allah said nothing but disappeared suddenly. Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo knew that Shaikh was testing him, so he also went after him and found him working in a field in the disguise of an old farmer. He went near him and said, “Such hard work in this old age! Please allow me to do work and you take rest”. Shah Habib-Allah smiled and came out of disguise, walked a few step with him but disappeared again. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo chased him and found him in the appearance of an old Brahman Pandit who was besmearing people with tilak (contoured mark put on forehead by Hindus). Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo went near him and requested smilingly “Baba my forehead is clean, am I not fortunate enough to have tilak put on my forehead by you”. Shah Habib-Allah returned to his real form, smiled at Sultan Bahoo and moved on with him. But again disappeared after a few moments, Sultan Bahoo again followed him and found him in a mosque teaching Quran to children, as an old Imam. Sultan Bahoo also appeared in the form of a child with the holy book in his hands, and asked him putting his finger on a word innocently “Baba what is this?” Now Shah Habib Allah came to tears, embraced him and said “it’s enough now Bahoo” but Sultan Bahoo didn’t change his appearance and kept on asking “Baba what is this?” Shaikh Habib said “what could I tell you? I don’t have what you desire. You can get your destiny from Hazrat Abdul Rehman Jilani Qadri Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh who is in Dehli”.

It is also said that Hazoor Ghaus Pak Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Razi Allah Anhu ordered Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh, after completing his spiritual inward training, to swear allegiance upon the hands of Syed Abdul Rehman Jilani Dehlvi. Sultan-ul-Arifeen immediately set for Dehli to obey the orders. When he was a few miles away from Dehli, a man met him, touched his feet and told him that Shaikh Abdul Rehman had sent him to welcome Sultan-ul-Arifeen. He took him to Shaikh.

Sultan-ul-Arifeen met Shaikh Abdul Rehman Jilani on Friday, 29 Ziqa’ad 1078 Hijri (11th May 1668). Shaikh took him in privacy. Sultan-ul-Arifeen received his eternal destiny in the form of Ism-e-Allah Zaat in only one meeting with his Murshid, he found everything he wanted and returned replete and brimful with the emotions to benefit people with this favour and benevolence. On his way back, he started benefiting everyone with this Divine benevolence and made it common. As a result, a large crowd gathered around him so much so that paths were blocked. The news went round the whole city. When Hazrat Shaikh Syed Abdul Rehman Jilani heard this, he called him back and asked him why he did this? Sultan-ul-Arifeen replied “O’ my respected Murshid! when an old woman buys a pan from market, she checks it, whether it will work properly or not, or when a young boy buys a bow, he also checks its elasticity, similarly, I was just checking the effects of the bounty I have received from you, as I am ordered by the Holy Prophet Sall’Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam that if I benefit and persuade people towards Allah, this Divine favour will flourish day and night till eternity”. Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Rehman Jilani smiled on hearing this argument and said “O’ Bahoo I don’t forbid you to benefit people but you must keep in mind that everyone is not capable to tolerate these effects”.

Then Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo went to the Grand mosque of Dehli. Emperor Aurengzeb was offering Jumma prayer with his courtiers and members of the government. The Mosque was so overcrowded that Sultan-ul-Arifeen could not find any place, so he sat at the door of the mosque, where shoes of the people were kept. When he benefited the people with his divine attention, the whole crowd in the mosque went ecstatic and an uproar raised everywhere. Only the emperor, the kotwal (chief of the police) and the Qazi were left deprived of the effects of his attention. When Hazrat Sultan Bahoo Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh held his attention back everyone returned to his normal state. The three of them came to Sultan-ul-Arifeen and asked him, why they were kept deprived of the blessing. He answered “I blessed everyone equally, but you were not affected because your hearts are not clean”. Then they requested for the blessing humbly. Sultan-ul-Arifeen said “you can get this on the conditions that you and your children would not favour me and my children or my relatives with any material wealth and would never visit us, so that your worldly matters would not let my family indulge in such material affairs”. When Aurengzeb promised to follow his order, he blessed him with his spiritual attention. On Aurangzeb’s request for a souvenir, Sultan-ul-Arifeen composed his book “Aurang Shahi” there and then, which was immediately written by the royal scribers.

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