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The Sharia (Shariat)

Sharia is the set of Islamic laws which includes obligations like prayers, fasts, zakat, and hajj as well as virtues like telling the truth, fulfilling promises, veiling of women from strangers and helping the needy etc. Shariat also forbids evils like making partners with Allah, cheating or lying with others, theft, adultery, backbiting and blaming others wrongly etc.

Faqr and Sharia

Faqr is the way of Sharia. One cannot gain blessings and ranks in Faqr without Shariah.

Sultan Bahoo Teachings about Sharia

The Holy Prophet said:

Meaning: Every way that is rejected by shariat is heretical.

Sultan Bahoo says in Ain-ul-Faqr:

  • All the ways repudiated by shariah are surely infidelity. They are the ways of Satan or Nafs which create wrong desires of the contemptible world, all of which are like a brigand (for the travelers of the right path). Everyone must beware of them.

Seeker of Allah and Sharia

  • A seeker must follow the sharia of Prophet Mohammad vigilantly and should be immersed in the love of Allah, whether he is sleeping or awakening, experiencing the state of intoxication or sobriety.

Follow Sunna at every Rank and Level of Faqr

  • O’ seeker! Even if you completely immerse in Divine Oneness, never go against the sharia and Sunna of the Holy Prophet. .

How to purify innerself?

  • The infidel qualities of innerself cannot be converted into Muslim qualities unless it recites shahada and becomes Muslim by following the sharia perfectly.

Men of Allah always follow Sharia

  • The true men of Allah are those who follow sharia perfectly but inwardly they have attained ineffable heights and always remain absorbed in the invocation and meditation.

Sultan Bahoo says in Ameer-ul-Kaunain:

Status of Fakir who follows Sharia

  • The Fakir who is man of shariah is like a lion as he is honored by the shariat of Prophet Mohammad and closeness of the Rehman.
  • The man of sharia Fakir is One with Allah.

Denier of Sharia cannot gain Faqr

O’ dear! The people who go against shariat e mohammadi, the seekers of world, ignorant who oppose the real knowledge of religion, admirers of apparent beauty, drunkards, those who leave salat and indulge in wrong innovations, all of them are deprived of gnosis of Allah, way of Faqr and the right guidance.

Types of Knowledge

Basically there are two kinds of knowledge, the outward knowledge which is about sharia as shariat dominates and includes knowledge of the whole world as well as destiny. Second is the inward knowledge which is the subtle knowledge of gnosis and gives direct knowledge of Allah and His consent.

Sultan Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman Teachings about Sharia:

  1. Without absolutely following the sacred sharia (Islamic law), one cannot reach any level or station in the way of gnosis of Allah. All levels of Faqr are gained by the beatitude of shariah.
  2. The beginning and exaltation of Faqr is shariat. The renouncer of sharia cannot even get close to the fragrance of Faqr.
  3. All the perfect Fakirs of all eras have always abided by the sharia strictly.
  4. The veritable reality of shariah is gained only by travelling on the path of Faqr.
  5. Islamic Law is associated with the material world and its rules apply upon the physical body. As long as the physical body is alive, it has to abide by the shariat. Negligence towards it will result in punishment.