Sultan Bahoo Shrine | Tomb | Mazar | Sultan ul Ashiqeen

Sultan Bahoo Shrine

Sultan Bahoo Shrine is located in Jhang Pakistan.

Place of Blessings

Undoubtedly, Sultan Bahoo Shrine is a place of blessings. Thousands of thousands of people visit Sultan Bahoo tomb daily and regularly to get spiritual beneficence.

Lacs of seekers of the Divine Truth get blessings from Sultan Bahoo Tomb. It is a famous miracle of the Sultan Bahoo tomb that as soon as one enters it, tears start from one’s eyes. This shrine is a source of beneficence for the whole world. The wishes of thousands of Lovers and Seekers of Allah are blessed here. Thousands of people have Divine experiences and many of them have reached the level of Spiritual Guide by the spiritual attention of Haq Bahoo and by the grace of beneficence of Sultan Bahoo Shrine. Lacs of miracles of Sultan Bahoo mazar are known.

Sultan Bahoo’s shrine is free from any kind of wrong innovations. Hundreds of mystics remain in seclusion in the shrine for the sake of Vision of Allah. Once entered in the shrine, one does not want to come out of it. The Seekers of The Divine Truth and Reality are never returned empty handed from this shrine.

Meaning: Faqeers are actually those true and spiritually elevated mystics who are alive even after death and benefit people from their shrine.

Address of Sultan Bahoo Darbar

The visuals of various portions of Sultan Bahoo tomb taken from different angles. Present address of the shrine: Village Sultan Bahoo, via Garh Maharaja, Tehsil Ahmadpur Sial, district Jhang, Pakistan.

Urs on Sultan Bahoo Mazar

An always increasing crowd is recorded on the occasion of Urs Sultan Bahoo.

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سلطان باھُو رحمتہ اللہ علیہ کے مبارک مزار کے مختلف حصوں کی الگ الگ زاویوں سے لی گئی تصاویر۔

…متعلقہ تصویر کو بڑے سائز میں دیکھنے کے لیے کلک کریں