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Sultan Bahoo Family

This is a research article about Sultan Bahoo family. In this article a comprehensive research has been made. Although this is not a lengthy article but a gist of research has been written here for easy understanding of reader. A lot of historical books were consulted for this research.

Sultan Bahoo Family – Wives

Sultan Bahoo had four wives. First wife was from the family of Hazrat Makhdoom Burhanuddin Ahmad (Hazrat Makhdoom Burhanuddin belonged to the Soharwardia Order and was a Sahib-e-Irshad Saint.  According to a tradition, he was the spiritual successor of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya Multani while according to another tradition, he was his son) resident of Langar Makhdoom, District Jhang, Pakistan. Second wife was from the outer circles of his family of Awans. Moreover, his third wife was also his close relative. His fourth wife belonged to a Hindu money lender family. She accepted Islam at the hands of Sultan Bahoo, before he married her.

Sultan Bahoo Family – Progeny

According to history of Sultan Bahoo, he has eight sons. As far as the progeny of Sultan Bahoo is concerned, Sultan Bahoo family tree continued only from his three sons Hazrat Sultan Noor Mohammad, Hazrat Sultan Wali Mohammad and Hazrat Sultan Latif Mohammad. While other sons did not have children, one of his sons, Sultan Hayat Mohammad died in his childhood.


The names of Sultan Bahoo’s sons are:-

  1. Hazrat Sultan Noor Mohammad
  2. Hazrat Sultan Wali Mohammad
  3. Hazrat Sultan Latif Mohammad
  4. Hazrat Sultan Saleh Mohammad
  5. Hazrat Sultan Ishaq Mohammad
  6. Hazrat Sultan Fateh Mohammad
  7. Hazrat Sultan Sharif Mohammad
  8. Hazrat Sultan Hayat Mohammad

Sultan ul Faqr 6th Sultan Mohammad Asghar Ali

Sultan ul Faqr 6th Mohammad Asghar Ali, the Murshid of Sultan ul Ashiqeen Mohammad Najib ur Rehman, belonged to the progeny of Sultan Bahoo.