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Sultan ul Faqr Library – Sultan Bahoo Books

Sultan ul Faqr library is full of Sultan Bahoo books and Sultan ul Ashiqeen books. This library has books which are treasure of Sufism and Faqr.

Translation of Books in Different Language

Books are translated in different languages for seekers of Allah round the world.

Audio Books

An effort is in the pipeline for recording audio books.

Free Downloading of Books

It is very important to mention that all books of Sultan ul Faqr library are available for download free of cost. This speaks of the dedication and selflessness of Sultan ul Faqr Publications according to vision of Sultan ul Ashiqeen.

Tehreek Dawat e Faqr and Sultan Bahoo Library

Tehreek Dawat e Faqr has founded Sultan ul Faqr library for the seekers of Allah.

Delivery of Books at Your Home

To facilitate the readers, Sultan ul Faqr has taken a revolutionary step to post books to readers anywhere in the world.

Online Order of Book

In addition to direct contact with Sultan ul Faqr library on call, online orders can be placed for purchasing of books, which then are sent by post to concerned.

Easy Language

In addition to translation of books in English and Urdu, a special attention has been given to easy and understandable language. These books are very easy to understand and comprehend. Although, it is very difficult to understand Haq Bahoo books in Persian language but it is an honor of Sultan ul Faqr library that it has translated all books in easy to understand language. Therefore, if anyone is interested to read and comprehend the meanings of Sultan Bahoo teachings, he is recommended to read books of Sultan ul Faqr Publications.

Sultan ul Faqr Publications

Sultan ul Faqr publications is owned by Tehreek Dawat e Faqr which publishes books on Sufism and Faqr. All of its books published books are available on Sultan ul Faqr Library. Sultan ul Faqr Publications owns the pride of being one and only research based institute for Sultan Bahoo Books. It has carried out different researches by collecting available manuscripts of Sultan Bahu Books from different countries. The experts studied these manuscripts day and night. Compared their multiple copies and then organized them in the original shapes.

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