Divine Will | Tasleem-o-Raza | Surrender and Submission

Divine Will or Tasleem o Raza

Surrender and Submission to Allah

This article is about adopting Divine Will based on Sultan Bahoo teachings.

Divine Will – Attribute of Universal Divine Man

The seeker of allah at final level is a man of satisfied innerself and perfect faith, he is the Universal Divine Man of his time. He acquires the state of absolute vigilance as the Reality is affirmed in his being. He progresses further from here and reaches the ultimate level of Tamkeen (Literally Tamkeen means “dignity and gravity” but mystically it is a spiritual stage where the states of the heart of the seeker do not undergo much changes. It is achieving a particular level for which the seeker had been struggling and now does not need to struggle anymore. However now he has to struggle for the next level and achieve “Tamkeen” for that level and then struggle for the next, so on and so forth. Just as a person struggles in a worldly venture and on achieving success in it starts struggling for the next.). Here, the states of his inward do not undergo frequent changes because now he submits to everything from Divinity and surrenders himself completely.

Two Reasons to adopt Divine Will

There are two reasons due to which the perfect knower of Allah does not use his powers and accept Divine will or Tasleem o Raza. Firstly, as his gnosis of the Majesty, Magnificence and Lordship of Allah increases, his slavehood and servitude also increase and the awareness dawns upon him that how could a slave dare to interfere in the powers of the Mighty Lord or trespass upon His Kingdom, God Forbid! The lover and seeker of Allah who understands the true meanings of slavehood finds strange and disrespectful to interfere in the Divine will or Tasleem o Raza of his Master and Lord by using his own powers.

That is why, as his marifat of Allah as the ultimate Authority increases, his knowledge about the imperfection and inferiority of his own powers and authorities also increases, so he finds it useless to exercise them. Then, his attention does not remain towards his own powers because he submits and surrenders everything before Allah or Divine will. Hence sorrow and happiness become equal for him.

Mohammadan Assembly and Tasleem o Raza

The Holy Mohammadan Assembly is like a touchstone which checks the truthfulness of a seeker. On entering this Assembly, the true seekers have the privilege of seeing and meeting Prophet Mohammad which fulfills all their inward and outward desires. So, they renounce everything other than Allah and adopt Divine will perfectly, hence their inward (nafs) is perfectly purified and converted into Noor.