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Sultan Bahoo Teachings – Sultan ul Ashiqeen

This article is about Sultan Bahoo Teachings. He named his teachings as Faqr which is the pride of Prophet Mohammad.

Sultan ul Ashiqeen Research on Sultan Bahoo Teachings

Sultan ul Ashiqeen has carried a lot more work upon the life and Sultan Bahoo teachings. His book Shams-ul-Fuqara is an encyclopedia of the Sultan Bahoo teachings and contains the essence of all the Sultan Bahoo books. Its abridged English version is titled as “Sultan Bahoo – The Life and Teachings”. His another book “Mujtaba Akhir Zamani” is the detailed account of the life histories of Sultan Bahoo and his spiritual descendants who are the Spiritual Leaders of his Sarwari Qadri Order after him. It has also been translated in English by the title “The Spiritual Guides of Sarwari Qadri Order”.

In addition to these books, he has launched websites www.sultan-bahoo.com and www.sultan-ul-arifeen.com which are solely about the life and teachings of Sultan Bahoo. Many other websites have boon launched under his supervision all of which are based upon the teachings of Sultan Bahoo. His monthly magazine “Sultan-ul-Faqr” also preaches the teachings of Sultan Bahoo. Hence, it can be rightly proclaimed that Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman is the true spiritual descendant of Sultan Bahoo who is working hard to promote his teachings and his Sarwari Qadri Order.

Mustafa Sani and Mujtaba Akhir Zamani

Just as Ghaus-ul-Azam Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani announced during his address by the Will of Allah that   “My foot is over the necks of all the Saints.” Similarly, Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan Bahoo proclaimed:

Meaning: Since the Eternal Benevolence has graced me with grandeur, Prophet Mohammad has ordered me to guide everyone, Muslim or Non-Muslim, fortunate or unfortunate, dead or alive and he has called me ‘Mustafa Sani and Mujtaba Aakhir Zamani’ with his pearl divulging tongue.

Both the titles ‘Mustafa’ and ‘Mujtaba’ mean “The Chosen and The Desired one” but these titles are specific for The Holy Prophet. However, he himself blessed Sultan Bahoo with the titles of Mustafa Sani (Mustafa the second) and Mujtaba Aakhir Zamani (Mujtaba of the last era). It is a symbolic reference to the fact that when the evil practices will become common in the Muslim society then Haq Bahoo’s teachings will be the Light of Righteousness and a special person from his spiritual order will promote his teachings and guide people on the right path according to his teachings. That person will be spiritually supported by Sultan Bahoo because he himself will not be physically alive in the last era.

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