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Renunciation of World (Turk e Dunya)

This article is about world and renunciation of the world or turk e dunya.

Sultan Bahoo says in Ain-ul-Faqr:

What is world and why renunciation of world is necessary?

  • What is exactly the world? Everything that keeps a person away from Allah is the world. (Ain ul Faqr)

As the world is a veil between Allah and His slave therefore,  it is compulsory to adopt renunciation of the world.

People of Faqr and Turk e Dunya

  • The worldly gains are the share of the mean people and worldliness is an everlasting disgrace. The worldly wealth is the property of Satan. You can observe yourself that how worried are the worldly people for the worldly gains. The people of Faqr are as loyal to Allah as the worldly people are to the Satan.

Thus, loyalty with Allah demands renunciation of the world.

Worldly People Trust world but not Allah

  • It is strange that these people trust the world and Satan but keep enmity with Allah. We seek refuge of Allah from this.

It is a fact that world takes away the belief upon Allah. Thus seeker of Allah adopt renunciation of the world.

World is a misery and Satan is an Evil

  • World is just a misery which puts it’s friends in misery too and Satan is the evil which indulges it’s friends in the evil and calamities as well.

It is clear from the above Sultan Bahoo Quote that renunciation of world is necessary to walk the path of Allah.

As Per Sultan Bahoo, Worldly People are unwise

  • Bahoo! The worldly people are so unwise that they run after money day and night. It is their only aim and objective and they worship it as their god. The seekers of the world are reprobates and morons. The pleasures of the world are just like nocturnal emission, and they are forbidden upon the men of Allah (thus their weapon is renunciation of the world). The world is like an immodest and shameless woman while the seekers of world are disloyal.

Only Worldly People claimed to be god

  • An indigent never claimed to be God, only the men of world made such claims.

Difference between People of Faqr and worldly People

  • The people of Faqr feel bad when others talk about world or Satan but the worldly scholars feel happy while talking about their earnings or when they are told that the king or an aristocrat has granted them a piece of land or called them in his court.

Sultan Bahoo further says in Ameer-ul-Kaunain:

Renunciation of world and Infidels

This world is a heaven and source of happiness for the infidels only. It is not a place of comfort and luxuries rather it is a place of test and trial. You like this world or Allah? You prefer this world or the Faqr of Prophet Mohammad? World is preferred and liked by Pharaoh. The world is hideous, it is a chaos and a deceit. The nafs and the world are the possession of Satan and the seeker of the world always remains worried. That person gathers worldly wealth who has made an agreement with the Satan and has acquired the attribute of miserliness from it.

Renunciation of World – Turk e Dunya

  • By the beneficence of invocations of Divine light and contemplation of Divine presence, the seeker gains levels of Noor through renunciation (renunciation of the world i.e. Turk e dunya and everything other than Allah) and the Divine favor.
  • The muraqbah performed with essence of Noor of faith is a source of renunciation of the world and grants power to dominate the nafs and Satan.
  • The highest levels of Faqr, renunciation of the world (turk e dunya), trust and eternal spiritual ecstasy can be found only through the perfect Qadri way. If follower of any other way claims to possess these levels, he is just boasting and telling a lie. To listen about the renunciation of world (Turk e Dunya) Click Here.