Waham | Inward Conversation with Divine Self | Sultan Bahoo



Waham is the inward state of spiritual connection and esoteric communication with Allah. It is possible only through the medium of Murshid Kamil that is why Murshid Kamil is called Sultan-ul-Waham.

What is Waham?

Sultan Bahoo says:

  • The possessor of Divine Presence gets waham from the realm of Oneness. As soon as this state of Inward Conversation occurs, all his problems are solved immediately and every detail of his inner and outer self is unveiled upon him. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

Waham is called the Sultan because initially it guides and leads the seeker and when it gets stronger, it rules the being of the seeker.

What is Faqr?

Inward Conversation of Imperfect People

  • The Inward Conversation of the imperfect one is actually the satanic misapprehension and whatever he observes is just a delusion. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

Waham is Solution of problems

The men of Divine presence get inspirations through Inward Conversation which comes from Divinity. As soon as they enter the state of waham, solution of their problem is revealed upon them and it is solved at once. Reality of every hidden and evident thing is exposed upon them through Inward Conversation. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

Waham is according to Quran and Sunna

Don’t you know that the Faqeer gets the inspired knowledge through waham which is just in accordance with the Quran and Hadiths and gives him the true information about the hidden things. It is said that;

Meaning: Infusing a virtuous thought in someone’s inward without effort is called inspiration. Inspiration takes one closer to Allah and away from Satan. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

Ilm e Dawat and Waham

When the possessor of Waham (blessed with the Divine soul) recites Dawat, he listens a voice from the Divine Unity. It is the key of totality which resolves all the issues in just a blink of an eye and grants the union of Divine beauty revealing every reality. (Qurb-e-Deedar)

Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman says about waham:

  • In the terminology of Faqr, Inward Conversation refers to the state of inward in which a seeker gets answers to all his questions from the court of Allah. In other words, waham means having conversation with Allah Almighty. (Shmas-ul-Fuqara)

Shaikh Akbar Mohiyyuddin Ibn-e-Arabi writes in his book Fusoos-ul-Hakam:

  • Inward Conversation refers to eternal meditation and engrossment in Allah which are the results of Divine Love.
  • Auham make marifat (Gnosis) far more firm and stronger than just contemplation. That is why, in the nature of humans, the power of Inward Conversation dominates intelligence because the intelligent person may reach the supreme level of intellect but he is never left without the sovereignty of Inward Conversation. The things which are perceived by intellect, Inward Conversation retells them in form and shape. Hence, in the perfect humans, waham is the Sultan and its kingdom is the most powerful.