Ism e Allah Zaat | Ism e Azam

Ism e Allah Zaat – Ism e Azam

This article is about Ism e Allah Zaat or Ism e Azam based on teachings of Sultan Bahoo. These teachings are extracted from different books of Sultan Bahoo for the seekers of Allah.

Reality of Ism e Allah Zaat

What is Ism e Allah Zaat? Ism e Allah is exactly the Divine Essence Who is incomparable, unparalleled, doubtless and unexemplified, for Whom it is said (O beloved! Say unto them Allah is One). Whoever recites and learns (the reality of) Ism e Allah Zaat by heart, becomes the beloved of Allah. By the recitation and zikr of Ism e Azam, the inspirational knowledge is gained. (Ain-ul-Faqr)

How to gain command over innerself?

It is easy to get command and authority over both the worlds in a single step but it is very difficult to get rid of the nafs. Although, it becomes easy by having command over the nafs due to excessive contemplation of Ism e Allah. (Ameer-ul-Kaunain)

A way to Divine Knowledge

You must have the knowledge that the person who is completely engrossed in the Zikr and Tasawur of Ism e Allah, which is the eternal Zikr and grants the entire wisdom, is blessed with the kind and affectionate Attention of Allah. This Divine Attention confers upon him The Divine Knowledge and the observation of Noor of The Divine Beauty which further elevates him to the level of Divine Union. (Ganj-ul-Asrar)

Purification of Inward – Ism e Allah

Without the invocation of Ism e Allah Zaat, neither the inciting innerself dies nor is the soul vivified even if a person keeps reciting the Holy Quran for his whole life or keeps learning the lessons of Islamic laws, because the sanctification of inward only lies in the eternal invocation. (Kaleed-ul-Tauheed Kalan)

Divine Secrets – Ism e Allah

By the benedictions of Ism e Azam a true Seeker of Allah can not only reach the destination in just a moment but also gets the secrets of this way. The possessor of Tasawur of Ism e Allah has nothing to do with the struggle to get ranks and levels because he has already reached the extreme nearness of The Divine Essence through the Ism e Allah Zaat. (Kashf-ul-Asrar)

Who has perfect Command over Ism e Allah Zaat

Sarwari Qadri Murshid has perfect command over Ism e Azam (The personal name of Allah which represents the Divine Essence and all His attributes) that is why, when he blesses a seeker with the Divinity of Ism e Allah. (Mohkim-ul-Fuqara)

Ism e Azam grants special Sight

The contemplation of Ism e Allah is the way which grants special sight to both the eyes (physical and spiritual) required for beholding Allah. Only the men of gnosis of Allah possess this insight. Those deprived of gnosis lack the insight, as they are spiritually blind by birth. (Qurb-e-Deedar)

Sky does not fall because of Ism e Allah Zaat

You must know that all the layers of earth and skies stand firm at their place without any pillar or support only in respect of Ism e Allah or Ism e Azam. They will remain attentive towards Ism e Azam till the Doomsday as Allah has declared that everything of the earth and skies glorifies the Name of Allah. (Shams-ul-Arifeen)